Klif Dom Mody- Warsaw wins the CEE Retail Real Estate Award in the category- Medium Retail Project. Bose International designed the interior refurbishment of the awarded project.

New life of old malls -

Bose International revives stale interiors


We have welcomed Dom Mody Klif, located in Warsaw at Okopowa Street, in entirely new outfit. Klif is one of the oldest shopping malls  - it has been present  on Warsaw's  market for 13 years and that is why the owner, together with the investor, Paige Investments, decided on refurbishment. The building has 18000m2 of retail space. In the elevation and structure of the interiors one can see references to diamonds. The author of the architectural design of the refurbishment of interiors is Bose International Planning and Architecture, Marek Tryzybowicz and his team: Damian Wołkiewicz, Paulina Godzińska, Marta Keller, Michał Wądołowski, Maciek Sikorski, and Niras Polska, a cooperating engineering company.


Klif Dom Mody is positioned as a shopping mall of luxurious brands, with an intimate atmosphere. The leading motif of the design is diamond - the most precious of all gemstones. As a symbol of purity and perfection it faced the designers with a challenge of creating light, original and modern space, which would constitute perfect surrounding for prestigious tenants. In order to achieve the goal set by the owner, the interiors of Klif are finished with best quality materials. The design is well off for direct references to the structure of diamond, which is also exposed in the facade. Perforations in balustrade panels of moving walkway or poles is in fact a processed graphics of the mineral. The diamond inspiration is also present on the bar front panels at the smaller square or information pylon and the new interiors designed by Bose International became full of light and sparkling.


Klif is the first shopping mall in Poland, and maybe also in the world, where acrylic-based solid surfaces Corian and Staron were used on such a scale. A particular advantage of such materials is the possibility of joining seamlessly various shapes and smooth forms, such as the new fountain and scene. An innovative solution, used e.g. in cladding column shafts, was the use of inlay technique and highlighting.


One of the most important goals of Bose International architects was to design a clear, light space, which would make clients feel comfortably and which would provide a friendly atmosphere to make shopping and spend time. A great challenge was the refurbishment of the ceiling, in order to achieve the above mentioned aim. The shape and form of the ceiling were designed to provide smooth transition of passages and entrance squares spaces. It also ensured abundance of daylight.


There were also redesigned public spaces on the ground floor and toilets on both levels of the mall. It was really important to create elements connecting the aesthetics of earlier refurbished first floor and the new concept. White ceilings are not the only element in common - the designed floors on the ground floor include decorative tiles used on the first floor.


Noticeable changes took place in the central square of Klif. Instead of the sculpture-fountain, there is a comfortable and friendly space for clients. Here, they could have a rest, listen to piano music, take part in events organised in the mall. The fountain was located along the stage, which emphasised the spaciousness and multifunctional character of the place.


The refurbishment of Klif in Warsaw was not only reshaping and modernising the interiors but also gave them a new, unique character, and, additionally a better air comfort due to work of a professional installation team. All those changes aim at facilitating and making shopping more attractive and also at standing out from all other shopping malls in Warsaw, due to elegance and uniqueness.


This is only one of many projects of revitalisation completed by Bose International Planning and Architecture. Its international portfolio of revitalisations includes e.g.: Deira City Center in the United Arab Emirates and Alexandria City Center in Egypt.