Refurbished interiors of the Shopping Center Klif in Gdynia is open

Klif Gdynia - a creative revitalisation.


The revitalisation of Klif in Gdynia is the second revitalisation, after Klif Warszawa, designed by Bose International Planning and Architecture for AEW.

The reference to a marine motif of a pearl fits perfectly into the new character of Klif Gdynia. The delicate, illuminated and elegant symbol of feminine jewellery is reflected  in the concept design prepared by architects of Bose International.

The designers created a clear, light and modern public space, constituting a perfect setting for prestigious  tenants. A great emphasis was put on matching the colour scheme for the theme, the highest quality materials and professionally designed lighting of the newly arranged space. All those aspects used by the architects in Klif serve one goal: to make clients feel comfortable and provide them with a friendly atmosphere to make shopping and spend time.

The design is abundant in references to the form and colours of pearls and soft shapes of shells. It is especially visible in the central square where a sculpture-fountain is going to be constructed. The fountain, together with stairs and a scene create an impressive light effects, backlit drops of water and gentle spatial forms. Clients could have a rest here, listen to music and take part in events organised in the mall. A great attention was paid to the design  of ceilings and floors.  Their shape and form were designed to provide smooth transition of public passages.


The redefined, elegant aesthetics of the key public spaces and a new clear theme of Klif in Gdynia, which has operated since 1996, would additionally make the mall stand out  from the other retail complexes in Trójmiasto.