CONFERENCE: High Streets - Missing Formula in the City Centers. Quest for shared Vision - by Bose International

High Streets - Missing Formula in the City Centers. Quest for shared Vision “Shopping experience” is not and never was about buying things only. It was always much more. It was assisting us from the very beginning of human interactions. People were selling, buying and exchanging goods in the... view

EXHIBITION: Architectural Concepts as part of Commercial Development

Development of large commercial projects involves professionals with specialized expertise such as leasing, finance, development, operations and design. Complex, multifunctional undertakings require collaborative work format, where all the professional participants are one team, assembled to... view

Marek Tryzybowicz was a lecturer at the ARCHCEE "Leaders in Architecture" in Warsaw

Marek Tryzybowicz gave a lecture about  “Commercial Mix Use Developments - Evolution as a Result of Economic Changes and Increasing Attractiveness for the City Centers”.He was also a panelist in the debate “Development of Architecture as a Business in CEE & CIS Region. Where do we stand, what... view

Marek Tryzybowicz is giving a speech at The 6th International Symposium on Development Planning and Design of Contemporary Retail & Mixed-Use Projects in Shanghai, China.

On the 8th of September Marek Tryzybowicz is going to show a presentation about: “Large Scale Commercially Based Mixed Use Developments – an opportunity for urban renewal in a context of urban growth of Chinese cites” view