EXHIBITION: Architectural Concepts as part of Commercial Development

Development of large commercial projects involves professionals with specialized expertise such as leasing, finance, development, operations and design. Complex, multifunctional undertakings require collaborative work format, where all the professional participants are one team, assembled to achieve the development objectives. The design concept process is usually led by a creative architect, experienced in commercial design. His role, level and format of contribution may vary depending on experience, type of a project and business culture of the development organization. Experienced commercial architect responds effectively to the changing design briefs and consolidates other specialists involvement into his design. Formulation and presentation of ideas in the multidisciplinary development environment require effective presentation and communication skills. There are many ways how creative designers address this expectation. Today, the technology advancements in computer software allow architects to represent their completed ideas in a form of sophisticated illustrations, models and prototype fabrication. Freehand drawing and sketch is still considered to be a great tool to communicate concepts and the project ambiance at the critical stages of the design process. It is a perfect vehicle to communicate the essence of multiple ideas in a rapid and informal format, very much needed at early stages of the development process.

The presented drawings are assembled from projects realized in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East over the last fifteen years. It is an echo of early concept designs of multifunctional retail, office, residential and entertainment developments. It is a testimony of collaborative efforts of design professionals and the clients. The language of a refined drawing, simple quick sketch, colored or black and white, offers universal code of communicating design intent. It is universally understood, within any culture and at any geographical location.

Marek Tryzybowicz


The Exhibition is a part of "First Stage Of The Sound Investment" THE THIRD EDITION OF THE CONFERENCE "PROJECT INVESTOR" in IBB ANDERSIA POZNAN HOTEL on 13.10.2015.

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