Immofinanz Group lays foundation stone for the Nimbus office building in Warsaw

Nimbus Design Description

Nimbus Office Development Project has been designed as A- class office building in the rapidly growing business zone of Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw. Nimbus attractive location, its urban context and Immofinanz expectations has been acknowledged and addressed in the Bose International architectural design of the building.

The building design synthetizes distinctive yet location appropriate modern architectural expression with contemporary international 'A class' office standards and market optimized design criteria. Nimbus building urban street exposure was carefully planned to accommodate optimized leasable depths of the respective office floors. It was achieved through conscious composition of three main building components. Transparent base of the building is visually open to the street- at the appropriate architectural scale. The suspended steel and glass canopy sheltering the entry plaza open to ground floor main lobby- provides both the attractive and welcoming street address to the building and unique architectural statement. Visually open, street friendly, ground level of the building is designed to accommodate main lobby and food offers for the office employees and for the external customers. The building facade addresses both immediate and distant visibility site lines. The building facade horizontal and vertical geometries accentuate the tripartite nature of the building tectonic composition. The dialog between light and dark, recessed and projected forward facade materials resulted in intentional clarity of esthetically autonomous Nimbus elevations. The green terraces are a unique building feature providing natural light to elevator lobby on every office floor. The irrigated plants and trees are located at each terrace of the building allowing office employees to immerse in the green outdoor environment at every level. The lease flexible floor plates are designed with employees comfort in mind. The chilling beams are provided for the best internal air quality. The comfortable 3.10 m office floor clear height , the sunshades and operable windows, noise reduced facade , double glass windows, integrated lighting system- are provided for employees comfort as part of environmentally friendly strategy in building systems solutions.