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Bonarka City Center
Poland, Cracow
Retail, Entertainment,
Project phase:
master plan, concept design, schematic design, design development,
approx 220 000 sqm
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Bonarka City Center is situated on the grounds of what was previously the “State Factory of Chemical Fertilizers - Bonarka“. Located in an important historical district of Cracow, this old industrial complex ceased production and was finally closed in 2003. To develop the new mixed-use scheme, it was necessary to undertake a comprehensive environmental clean-up, revitalisation and regeneration of this entire brownfield site.

The environmental clean-up of this former industrial plant was one of the largest, if not the largest, urban regeneration projects in Poland. It entailed complex changes & improvements in the transport network to ensure excellent access to Bonarka in all directions. These works also made a substantial positive impact on the roughly 30 ha surrounding Bonarka. The revitalisation and regeneration of this relatively large, inner-city tract is greatly appreciated – by Cracow residents in general and surrounding property owners in particular. These works are a good example of the integration of three distinct fields: 1. ecology, 2. infrastructure and 3. social function – all funded by the Bonarka investor group, in a total amount equivalent to approx. EUR 28 mil.


Bonarka City Center is located in the Podgórze District in a historical district of Cracow. The entire center is composed of four separate offices buildings plus a large regional shopping center – all configured in the shape of a square, with ample exterior landscaping and elements such as fountains.

Bonarka City Center is a contemporary interpretation of city streets and trade square chains. The buildings are constructed of high quality materials such as stone, wood and glass etc. The choice of materials used for facades and elevations reflects the industrial history of the district. It also draws on the style of traditional, big-city shopping arcades prevalent in Polish cities during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The overall architectural concept of the shopping center is a contemporary interpretation of city streets and trade square chains with naturally tall palm trees, fountains, pavilions made from wooden beams and bridges etc. -- all connected to retail space / galaries via an attractive glass surface resulting in a truely unique ambiance that would be difficult to duplicate.

Using diverse, high-quality, natural materials – stone, wood, glass and brick etc. – the architect demonstrates an appreciation of the area’s industrial history as well as an understanding of suitable types of materials, colors & textures from Cracow’s long architectural history.


Selected Awards

Central & Eastern European Real Estate Quality Awards 2010:

  • Retail Development of the Year

Central and Eastern European Retail Real Estate Awards 2009:

  • Project of the Year 2009;