Korona Kielce Shopping Center | Poland | Kielce

Korona Kielce Shopping Center
Poland, Kielce
Retail, Entertainment,
Project phase:
master plan, concept design, building permit documentation, tender project documentation, executive project documentation,
approx 92 000 sqm
completed in 2012
Project date:
Project description

                Galeira Korona Kielce is a commercial and entertainment centre of 90.000 sq. m. floor area. It was opened in 2012 in the centre of Kielce, close to the historic part of the city. The entrance square in front of the Shopping Center became an integral part of the building as the plaza- its surface, small architecture and green areas are similar to design solutions implemented inside the premises.

                A two-level municipal square was built in front of the main entrance. It is one of the key elements of the whole design concept of the building which draws on the surrounding municipal architecture. Therefore, the lower and upper square together with the footbridge built over the lower square combine into a well-composed project, which is completed by a spherical, light-reflecting fountain. This multi-dimensional space is not only an entrance zone for the shopping centre’s customers but also a public area accessible for everyone.

                Functions of Korona Kielce Shopping Center fulfill the city habitants’ needs, while construction of the building has directly impacted and improved the quality of its close surroundings making the shopping centre one of the landmark buildings of the city.

                Soft, multi-layer shape of the building with a car park on the top was designed in accordance with the city planning objectives. Metaphor of the crown, the symbol of the city, has been reflected in the form of a visual motif placed in the perforation of the façade. Different decorative elements of the façade, which look interesting both in daylight and when illuminated at night, make the Center stand out from the surrounding buildings. The façade is composed of two layers with the external one made of composite panels.

The form of the building is compact with soft edges. Shops, service points and recreational premises are located on the -1, 0, +1 level, while car park can be found on three last floors. Habitant-friendly public space was created in front of the main entrance, where people can sit in cafes, green areas or near a fountain resembling a modern city sculpture.

                Two main elements of the Center interior are glass-covered islands which divide the space inside into two, multi-floor entrance squares and a multi-functional central square. Skylights have been installed around the island to let daylight inside. Food court is located on the first floor of one of the islands.