Our Story


Our story  began at arguably  the most  beautiful  area of the United States - Santa Fe. New Mexico. It was hot summer 2001. Two  friends architects,  Oru Bose and Marek Tryzybowicz were enjoying morning day, walking on dusty  trail overlooking spectacular vistas of Sangre and Jemez Mountains. While  the famous quote says  ‘it is not the destination but walking  on the road that really matters’- they  also had  their  destinations in mind. Oru and Marek conceptualized a dream to  turn their creative  architectural designs offered  worldwide  as an integral part of their lifestyles. The dream was ambitious but  not unrealistic , they were both armed with  decades of unique international  American based architectural design experience. Having  both succeeded in the United States and Europe  as  design leaders of one of the largest architectural firm in the world–HOK,  they now wanted to leave their own unique mark in creative international design with a hope  to make it truly creativity based lifestyle.

For more then a decade we are leaving individual  design mark on retail mixed use, residential , planning and office design  in many countries - all under  the same continuous  design leadership  and with best  designers and architects whose  repetitive professional achievments are part of Bose International history – in continuous  making.


Our philosophy remains unchanged since  the very   beginning...


  • We are faithful to our principles.
  • We believe in creative and experience informed design.
  • No matter how large and complex the mixed use project is, we treat it with full focus and enthusiasm .
  • We thrive on complicated metropolitan large city  projects with multifaceted planning and design issues to resolve.
  • We challenge popular  clichés of commercial design of as dull and boring. We treat retail based commercial projects  as legitimate architecture with still untapped design opportunities.
  • We draw from our experience but we are always challenging ourselves for new unique design answers.
  • Creative design doesn’t know  physical borders either. We treat local context wherever we design, with respect and curiosity.
  • We really listen to our Clients and  other professionals involved. Client focused service  and team work is our basic alphabet.
  • It all makes our projects better and helps us, creative designers to understand complexity of today’s world.

In return  it is our reward and fantastic advantage to be exposed to diversified cultures of the world, which enriches our  designs and broadens our  individual experience.


Continuity of  successful design leadership…

We like what we do and how we do it, we are diversified group of  creative professionals with passion for design, with experience  on large complex projects anywhere in the world as well as in our backyards. Our creative work is our lifestyle….. 

Multiple projects completed worldwide, awarded for design, functionality and commercial success, are what we create with our Clients…..

So we are fulfilling our dreams and more is still coming……

Warsaw, Poland
Selected AwardsE-biurowce.pl web portal:Best Office Building 2014 

Nimbus Office Tower

Tychy, Poland

CH Skałka